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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I returned from 2 weeks trip to Malaysia and Singapore. Since it was my first visit  it was an experience to explore on our own. Myself and my husband went after making initial booking of hotels in both the places. Thanks to internet again-it is a click  away and with your credit card all arrangements are made. Both the places we felt at home as language was not a problem. That too our mother tongue is spoken everywhere. Going to the tourist center first makes it easy for one. You are guided by the route maps and tours are conducted to go in and around the city and also to far away places. As per the choice and availability of time we can choose and go ahead.

Food too was not a problem as we have our famous Indian restaurants. There are many road side fast food and specially for non-vegetarians it is a delight with the local food and also sea food. At the same time fruits and fruit juices are available in plenty to satisfy your thirst and hunger. Best part is they are peeled and cut into pieces and kept in ready to eat form in the cover. The seasoning can be done as per ur taste which is also kept ready. They also provide you a long wooden pick to have the fruit piece easily picked. This attracted me a lot and i wish we should also have one such in our city in all nook and corner. Healthy food and specially when fruits are cut it is easy to consume. All the varieties are kept in covers and you can find mixture of all fruits in one cover(cocktail)and they are placed in a tray of ice to retain freshness.

The country of Singapore is known for its cleanliness and people abide by the rules and discipline is seen everywhere. No traffic congestion and also no noise of horn which we got used to here. No doubt the country is the smallest in area and population is less they still have tourists coming in the same numbers equal to their total population and even more at times. Wondering if such thing can happen here--may be yes if our country too is made into many small jurisdictions and each is given under able governance and above all the citizens live with civic sense and be aware of the rules and abide for their own well being.

Coming back to food we had the opportunity to have the International buffet lunch in Ghenting a hill resort  35 kms from Kuala lumpur.It was an experience traveling in a cable car for long to reach the place after we get on the hill by bus.It is a separate world--and kids would love the theme park.

The buffet lunch had the counter of Japanese cuisine, Chinese, Western and South Asian and also Western Asian. In western Asian we had our Indian food and the pickles were displayed--of them there was a peanut and sesame pickle with the taste of sour and sweet as they used jagree and tamarind. Apart from it our usual lime and mango pickles were also there.


Like wise in Chinese cuisine the wantons were being prepared fresh and served hot both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Fresh greens were kept in Chinese counter and one can pick the varieties of their choice and give to chef and they give them cooked in hot water and serve immediately. Other than that all baked items were available in western cuisine and specially cut fruits of all varieties. For the desert many types of ice cream and sweets were available.


We went to Little India a place in Singapore where you feel you are in Chennai, Ranganathan street.To satisfy our palate with our South Indian food we visit this place once a day either for lunch or dinner.It was a feast to eyes to see many Indians and when we enter the hotel you can hear tamil everywhere.In one of such hotels we came across the board on the walls of a south Indian vegetarian hotel.It was catchy and very impressive.The photo given below can be double clicked to view it larger and the message will be readable.