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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


This year Navrathiri starts on 9th October. Mahalaya Amavasya is on 8th October, Amavasya thithi lasts till 9.48 am on 9th October. Kolu arrangements can be made on 9th October and Kalasa sthapana can be done during the auspicious time before 9.00 am on Tuesday, 9th October.  Navrathri Puja starts on 10th October, Wednesday, that day being Prathamai thithi. The puja continues till 18th October, Navami, Thursday.
Vijaya Dasami is on Friday the19th October.

I am posting the Spreadsheet giving the 10-day chart in a tabular form showing nine different ways to worship THE MOTHER in nine forms of SHAKTHI.
Every year the chart undergoes a slight change based on the Thithi, Star and Day of the week, from day one to ninth day of Navrathri puja. Dasami marks the end after nine nights of Devi's worship. Since Dasami falls on Friday, Devi udhyapan (  moving Kalasam after giving Maha Muthaarthi) will be done only on Saturday.
Please click the link below to open and view this year's spreadsheet/chart.

I am happy to share this on my facebook page for my facebook friends for the 2nd year. I hope this will be useful for those who have an interest in performing puja during Navrathri. I pray TRIDEVI to bless all of us with good health, happiness, and prosperity.

NOTE: The timings given above are based on IST.