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Thursday, March 18, 2010


My father was named as KRISHNASWAMY as he was the eighthchild for his parents.
They belong to a village called ALAVOOR which is near Kancheepuram.












They lived in ALAVOOR.This village is located in between Kancheevaram
perumal koyil and Sreeperumbudur.It is 12miles away from sreeperumbudur
and 12miles from kancheevaram.
NADAADHOOR was a Brahmin Agraharam next to KEEZAATHOOR AGRAHARAM
There lived a Mahaan by name SREEMAAN VARADADESIKAR-AMMAAL In the
period 1180(12th century).He was eminent in Sanskrit,performing
Adhyayanam,debating,vyakaranam,meemasam and was heading SREEBASHYAM.
Hence he and his family were known as NADAADHOOR SREEBHASYA SIMHASANAM.
SRI Nadaadhoor swamy shifted to Perumal temple to impart his Sanskrit
knowledge to others.He lived behind the SANNIDHI of SRI VARADHARAJA
PERUMAL OF ASTHIGIRI (MOOLAVAR) AND taught brahmacharis and grahastas.
Apart from this he served in the temple.He did kaingaryam to Sri varadaraja
both in the morning and night.In night he used to offer God Cow's
milk duly heating after adding kalkandu,elachi, cloves,safron,japathri
and pachakarpuram.He used to add badam,pista kaju and offer.
Daily after the regular prasadam is offered,before MANSASEVAI he will
offer this milk(KUZAM-PAAL) duly checking its heat. He will take care to see the
milk is not too hot.When he was making the hot milk to cool using
two glasses to offer during a night to God,God hugged him on the shoulders
and lovingly addressed   him 'EN AMMALE'.Since then this swami was called AMMAL and
his vamsam was called AMMAL VAMSAM.


DUE to famine, it became difficult for the BRAHMINS to continue in
village,and as a result they sought other places for living.During
that period some of the Nadaadhoor families shifted their place of
living to THIRUMALA THIRUPATHI for their livelihood.When the economic
condition improved some families with the idea of getting back to
villages once again shifted to Agrahrams like THERANI.This agraharam
was located 5 Miles away from NAGARI on the banks of VRITHASHEERA RIVER.
In this agraharam some of Nadaadhoors and THATTAIAARS lived.For some
years both the families got along well and lived together.Later there
was illfeeling between the two families.Few of the Nadaadhoors joined
hands with the opposite families and PANGAALI DWESHAM prevailed.
The cremation ground was in patta land of Thattaiaars.Normal practice of
cremation was done on the banks of the river.But during rainy season
due to water flow the cremation was made in the ground belonging
to Thattaiaars.As the enimity grew severe ,when an old lady belonging
to Nadaadhoors died there was objection for the cremation in the grounds
Situation being so, ordeals faced by the Nadaadhoorsforced them to make
arrangments to shift to other Agraharams near Kanchi, when they went
for Perumal Kovil Uthsavam.
There was a big Agraharam named ALAVOOR then, wherein Vishnu temple was
located to the east,and a shiva temple to the west.But only ruins were
seen after the Mohammedian rule.In few places above the ground Shiva lingams
and Pillaiyaar statues were seen.And a Vishnu statue was in a well under a pond.
After coming to know that this place will be congenial for
Brahmins to live,Nadadhoor vamasam families decided to shift and live here.
As there was objection for using the cremation ground in Therani,Nadadhoors
did the predha samaskaram at the backyard of their houses and did the other
kriyas there and left the place for good.
Thus Nadaadhoor vamsam with 10 mitra families managed to take some cattle
and some household things along with them in a bullock cart and started their
journey to reach ALAVOOR.Some of the Nadaadhoors stayed back in Therani and
lived with Thattaiaars.One such member of the nadaadhoor family in Therani,
named PANKAJI became periamma (mother's elder sister)by relation to our father in
later years.In later years Thattaiyaar families perished there.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With great grief I share the news of the sudden demise of my beloved
father.He passed away on 7th February evening around 5PM.His end came
all of a sudden in a peculiar manner and we are yet to come out of the
He had darshan of our Pontiff SRIMUSHNAM SRIMAD ANDAVAN,
for the second time during the week.

All his 3 children with family were present in the Andvan Ashramam
since morning and we all took blessings of Andavan and had lunch there.
We all left to our respective homes. He went to have his afternoon nap
at 3pm and when my brother went to wake him up he was cold and lifeless.

We are all surprised till date thinking how can he die so easily in the
true sense attaining ACHARIAYAN THIRUVADI.
I never thought I will write this in my blog since i started posting.
In fact I started to share the signature recipes of my dad's family
And to tell about the hospitality that prevailed in their blood.
One should learn how to treat guest from them.
I have no words to explain how humble he was and led a simple life.
He had no aspirations and saw all his children well settled.He was 83 and 7months
on 7th Feb2010. He lived 3years and 8months after the demise of my
mother.He was a source of inspiration to us by being active and always
ready to offer service.
It was possible for him because he led a disciplined life.Though not
very AACHRAM-he used to follow to some extent.Had a very big liking for
discourses and a regular viewer of Velukudi's programmes and a true
devotee of Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal.
Here are some of the photographs of our father which were preserved as they
were taken many years back.
I have the details of their family and the vamsam he belonged to.I shall post the same
for the benifit of all my cousins in my next blog.