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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chocolate cake

It has been almost a year now after I last posted summer special Vadams/fryums. I have good collection of rare recipes in my book. Most of them tried and tasted. I was a busy Grandma and also had a setback
 in my health. But nothing stopped me watching cookery shows and noting down many of them. I am a regular reader of all posts of the bloggers whom I follow.
To start with, I think it will be apt if I post a sweet item. This is the first sweet item which I am posting in my blog. There are couple of reasons for posting this. One marks the successful ONLINE learning of the
 famous PADUKA  SAHASRAM,  the great work of Swami Desikan comprising 1008 stanzas in sanskrit.
I dedicate this to my Guru Mrs. Chandra who taught me this. On completing this I made the sweet to offer to Lord.
The other memorable event was my 60th Birthday celebrations. It made it more special because my family members gifted me a cookbook. It had SIXTY  recipes from my blog which  each of my family members liked the best. I thank all relatives of my extended family who appreciated my cooking. The purpose with which I started this blog is served. They named  the book as  Family Cookbook.  I am happy to say my junior most niece is  trying her hand referring my recipe on traditional dishes. I consider the book as an AWARD for my efforts to post them in the blog.
I am happy I could share the recipes which I collected in dozen diaries since years. Each family will have a signature recipe. But none of our elders had the opportunity to write them and publish. The cook books came later and presently the internet. Thanks to the internet world.
This is for you Mrs.Chandra
Here is the recipe for Chocolate cake.


All purpose flour/Maida
1 cup
3 cup
Condensed milk
½ tin
Clarified butter/Ghee
½ cup
Cocoa powder
¾ cup


Mix cocoa powder in condensed  milk and keep ready.
Heat a pan and melt ghee. Add flour and fry continuously till you get good aroma and set aside.
Make sugar syrup with 1/2 cup water till  you get one string consistency.
Add roasted maida and mix well for few seconds.
Add cocoa powder mix and stir well.
Keep stirring till it begins to leave sides.
Remove and pour into a greased plate,
Cut to the desired shape.
Remove pieces when it is cool .

Thank you my dear

Thank you all