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Monday, April 12, 2010


Happy to be back to Hyderabad after our trip to South India.
I missed all my blogger friends and their recipes.Nice to
blog again after a gap.We undertook pleasure cum pilgrimage tour
which was much awaited.Ofcourse if God would not have had it for us
that way, our father was to accompany this tour.I remember the day
when we both browsed for sites for kerala tour. He involved himself
so much and above all was eager to take up the tour with all his 3 daughters
with thier respective families.We are sure his soul accompanied us all
the time and we are happy to have satisfied his wish by visiting many
divyadesams which were unplanned.

Since i left incomplete in giving the details about the family tree and the
native place of my father earlier, i like to continue the same now.

In Alavoor there were 25 houses and 400 acres of agriculture land.
1/3 of it belonged to father's family members,next 1/3 to Sri.Ramadurai
(who happens to be maternal uncle of my mom too) and sri.Panju families..
The balance 1/3 belonged to others.

Looking at the PATTA NUMBER being "1" to the Vaikaal-Thanner Paychal-Samudayam
Porambokku etc belonging to father's ancestors,it is understood that their
family belonged to those who were the ones who migrated 300 years back to Alavoor.

Also MANIYAM-UDYOGAM belonged to this family.This Maniyam was one for four villages
namely alavoor,vanaravasi,thazayampeduand aampakkam.Since there was some misunderstanding
between this family and that of Ramadurai and Panju families,during their forefather
Sri.Ananthachar regime, the maniyam was changed from vanaravasi to a Naidu family.

Alavoor Ananthacharswami lived in house on plot no.8 in the Alavoor village
Later they shifted after constructing house on plot 15, as the old house was found to be
of illl-luck due to various happenings like 8 to 10 family members passing away within a
short span of 2 years and hence it was abondoned.  This new house so big that marriages
could be performed.

In 1911 my father's eldest brother Ananthachari alias kuppukutti was born to Gopalswami.
He was named after his kollu thata Ananthacharswami.Gopalswami's first 2 sons died hence
the third was named as kuppukutti.

ANANTHACHARISWAMI(Kollu thata of our father) was well versed in Sanskrit.He taught Adhyayanam
and sanskrit to his son Sundarachar,Rajappa,seemavaradhachar,payyakutti ayangar and other
grahastaas, and brahmacharis in Alavoor.Also people from neighbouring villages like agaram,
thirumangaaranai,thenyeri,kunnapakkakam,used to come to him to learn vedam and sanskrit.
It is beleived Sri.Ananthacharswami had very good fame as he helped many poor families and
performed marriages and looked after their families.

There was drought as there were no rains for 3 consequitive years.Except 3 families many from
alavoor left for pilgrimage for 2 years to down south to Srirangam, Rameswaram by carts.
In temples those days pilgrims were offered food (OOttuparai).
None of them returned till they had rains.Ananthachariswami family, ramadurai and Panju
family with some labour were in Alavoor.When the first rain was received they cultivated
their lands and also others in their absence.Paddy was stored in the respective houses.
When others returned in 2 months,to their surprise they saw their houses cleaned and paddy
stored.They all were grateful to Ananthacharswami for this act.

It was the practice at  Anantacharswamy's house to wait for some guests to partake food
after completing the Daily Aradhanai to God.  Apart from this atleast 15 people were fed
daily as routine in the House.

Alavoor Ananthacharswami sandhadhi is detailed in the following post.