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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Turkey berry/Pacha sundakai puli Kuzhambu

Turkey berries/ Sundakai has lot of medicinal benefits. Dried berries are also consumed , fried in oil and used making baths Kuzhambu. Raw berries are tiny and tasty when used in sambar , curry and puli Kuzhambu. Here is a traditional village type recipe which is prepared in clay pot. Since there were berries growing in our terrace garden I thought of using these tiny eggplant like berries for the first time . After browsing for recipes I came across one in YouTube and started preparing following the recipe. I am posting the recipe with stepwise preparation with pictures. It really tasted yummy.
Village style puli kuzhambu
in mann chatti

Puli kuzhambu in clay pot

Turkey berry one cup

Grated coconut one cup,garlic 12, tamarind extract one cup
two tomatoes, curry leaves and cilantro

One tablespoon chilli powder, 2 tablespoon kuzhambu podi, half tablespoon turmeric
and salt as required

Items for tadka
one tablespoon each of mustard seeds, urad dal, chena dal
cumin seeds, half tablespoon of methi seeds and four chilli

Wash and crush mildly the berries in mortar and pestle
till they just open

Crushed berries
Drain under running water

Heat two tablespoon oil

Items to be roasted
one tablespoon dania, six galic pearls, one cup grated coconut
curry leaves and two cut tomatoes

Add 15 nos small onions

Cool the roated ingredients
Take in a mixie jar

Make fine paste

In a clay pot heat 5 tablespoon oil

Add the tadka items
rai, urad dal, chena dal, jeera

Add methi seeds

Balance 6 garlic pearls

Red chillis


Balance 10 nos onion

Add berries

Saute till it changes colour

Add haldi

Add chilli powder

Add kuzhambu milagai thool

Add salt

Cook on low flame

Add ground paste

Some water

Mix well

Add tamarind extract

Boil for five minutes

Serve with hot rice

Yummy lunch
combo of north and south Indian thali