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Thursday, March 29, 2018

vadumangai pickle/baby mangoes in brine

Come summer and here is raw mango recipe. The month of Maasi ( Tamil name)  which falls from February 15 Th to March 15th is known for tiny mangoes and they call it maasi mani manga. The first kind of pickle made with new arrivals in tree. There are varieties in the mangoes. Some are plucked ( with stalk) some young mangoes fall off with breeze or due to first summer shower. The ones with stalk are good for pickle which stay year long. This is oil free preparation and stay in the brine which is formed with adding salt. Castor oil is used to keep mangoes crisp and also from not getting decayed. Here in Hyderabad we seldom get to see in market. Rarely we get from trees in the neighbourhood. And we don’t pluck from the tree, rather leave to grow big for use to make avakai.  I have tried with the tiny ones which fell from tree but they are bitter. However I received this from my sister and going ahead with the preparation. It takes initially 3 days to make. But standing time wld be a month. More than anything this brings the nostalgic feeling of everyone’s childhood. Specially the summer school ( call it morning school) when we have half day classes. Since it starts early our mom used to give us curd rice  with Vadu manga. It will be heavenly. Now it is our turn to make pickle though kids are not of school going age.
I have a special mention here to share about this recipe. Recently we had a sleeper over with my childhood friend and relative in our place. We shared a lot and this recipe was one among them. Though I refer many recipes for Vadu manga, this time I am following the one shared  by the couple. It is a full proof recipe as per them. Thanks to Gayathri and Sreedhar.Here is the recipe,
Gayathri this is not the Manga from KOVAI PAZHAMUDHIRCHOLAI OR FROM TAMIL NADI. They are from Safilguda.


1 kg
60 GMs
50 gms
Dry red chilli
10 to 15
Castor oil
few drops
I prepared half kilogram mango and used the ingredients accordingly.

Measure in weight as given below

mangoes half kilogram

salt 30grms,mustard 25gms,red chilli 8 to 10,haldi 1/2 tsp and castor oil few drops

Dry roast rock salt

Powder when it is room temperature

Add few drops of castor oil to the bowl with mangoes

Add haldi

Add salt

Mix well

Cover and leave for two days
After two days it looks like below

The water on the third day to be drained

The water removed

boil the water

Add red chilli and boil

Sun dry the mustard

Make powder

Add this to mangoes

Grind the red chilli when cool
The paste of chilli with the drained water

Add to mangoes

Mix well and store in air tight glass jar