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Friday, April 29, 2016

Salad boat

Hot summer is here again. Right season for making tomato and mango pickles which add to heat. But cannot miss the raw mangoes. At the same time we need to keep our body cool. Not to mention about the soaring heat in Hyderabad. Apart from keeping ourselves hyderated all the time, making dishes without going near the stove is the wise idea. One such filling and healthy dish is salad.  Even the thought of something cool is refreshing as shown in some commercial Advertisements. So too is the name of this dish "BOAT". Let us sail in this boat to Ooty lake.   Thanks to Podigai TV channel and the host Mr. Ramesh Ganapathy who prepared this salad. He always concludes his show saying it should be tried. So today  after trying and tasting the salad I am  sharing this with my friends at the behest of the chef .     



Hung curd
1 cup
Fresh cream
2 Tblsp
Green bell pepper
1 Tblsp
Peanut or olives
1 Tblsp
Pepper powder
1 Tsp
Black salt
To taste
Cilantro or mint
1 Tblsp
Lime juice
1 Tsp



Peel and cut cucumber vertically, deseed and cut into small pieces depending on the size.
( I rubbed salt to the pieces and left for some time. washed the pieces later and kept in a bowl of ice water in the fridge until I stuffed. I drained the water completely so that there was no moisture in cucumber pieces and then stuffed the curd mix )
Keep the following ( ingredients) for stuffing ready:
Tie the curd in cheese cloth.
Crush roasted peanuts if using or cut the olives to tiny pieces.
Finely chop bell pepper.
Finely chop cilantro/coriander leaves.
Take juice of lime.

Now in a bowl take hung curd and beat along with fresh cream.
Add bell pepper, peanut/olives,cilantro, pepper powder, black salt powder, lemon juice ad mix.
Stuff this in the cut cucumber pieces.
Chill in fridge and serve.
This dish has an added advantage because of its appearance. It looks like desert and kids will really be attracted.
It is worth taking effort to beat the heat.