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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Happy deepavali to all my relatives and blogger friends.I am sure preparations for the Festival of Lights is going on in full swing.This year the Narakachaturdasi and Amavasya are on the same day-5th November.Danteras is also popular here in Hyderabad and considered auspicious and beleived to bring prosperity if Gold,silver,or any item is bought on this day.Thriyodasi starts from 5.21pm onwards on 3rd November, and stays upto 3 pm of 4th NovemberPurchase can be made during this time.Then chaturdasi prevails and stays upto 1.30pm of 5th November.Since we celebrate Narakachaturdasi by taking early bath, it is deepavali for us on 5th November.Amavasya starts from 1.30pm of 5th November.As it is auspicious to perform Lakshmi Puja in the evening and on amvasya day,this year it happens to be a Friday too and the Puja is to be performed on 5th Evening.The Muhurth for performing the puja are given in this google search in elaborate way.The puja when performed during Pradosh Kaal is good.This time is arrived by calculating the sunset time in each area.The pradosh kaal is 2hours 20 minutes from the sunset time.
Hence around 6.03 pm to 8.22pm during pradosh kaal, lakshmi puja can be performed.
Thanks to all the TV channels for telecasting live shows for preparation of sweets and karas for the festival.
Thanks to all the bloggers who share their savory and sweet preparation posts.When following the same the recipe is bound to come out successfully as they are prepared with experience and shared by them.
I posted Diwali Lehyam in my last year's post(29.9.2009) which can be followed.Wish you all happy cooking.Enjoy the festival.