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Saturday, August 7, 2010


As my father's sudden demise is still lingering in my mind constantly, I cannot but continue this topic even after some pause. I give herebelow details of his family tree.

Thiru. Ananthachar swami lived in Alavoor, in the south facing house built on plot no.8. During his old age, he lost both his sons Sundarachar and Thrivengadachar. Unfortunately during a span of 2 years 8 family members passed away and during his last days he stayed with his grandson Gopalswamy. In 1911, they demolished the house and constructed a new house on plot 15 which was north facing. In the same year, Ananthachari (my dad’s eldest brother) was born. He was named Kuppukutti, by Gopalswamy as they lost two male children before this third issue. Also the great grandfather’s name was given to this 3rd child. Next was a female issue and her name was Pattammal. Next child was Sunderrajan (Sundaa) and last Krishnaswamy my father.

My father’s eldest brother Ananthachary was sent to Kancheevaram at his 7th year to stay and study with chinna thata Payyakutti. He was there for 8 years and later for 2 years in Ponnammal’s house. Later at his 18th year he came to Secunderabad on 8.4.1929, in search of job and stayed in Sanakarampadi Rajagopalachar’s house who happened to be their grandfather. Then his younger brother Sunderrajan, after finishing his 6th class came to secunderabad during 1932 and continued his studies from 7th class to 10th class in Mahboob college high school. My father (pet name KICHAMI) who was studying in Alavoor, had to leave the place with his mother Singari and grandmother (father’s mother) Kanakavalli (also known as kakamma) as his beloved father Gopalaswami Iyengar passed away inOctober 1938. They too arrived in Secunderabad and all of them stayed together. He did his SSLC and joined Military Ordinance Depot for job and with his own efforts completed Intermediate and B.Com. He joined Railways (Nizam State). He got married on 15th September, 1947. All the three brothers with families lived together. Later they started living separately.

Since my father lost his dad (Gopalswamy) at the age of 12, we have no idea how our grandfather looked as there are no pictures of him. But my father shared his memories about his dad with us. The amazing coincidence was on the day of his death(7th Feb'10) he recalled his memories about his dad in regard to a topic on brinjal and shared it with the violin master who visits on Sunday morning to give lessons to my nieces. My grandmother lived till Sept'63. Her name was Singari. We were fortunate to receive her affection and love towards us. Here I should mention that she was the great daughter of the KOZIYAAN SWAMIGAL. It is pride to mention that we hail from the family of the grandson of the pontiff. Coming to our mother’s side, her father hailed from THIRUMALAI ECHAMBADI and mother from ALAVOOR. Our maternal Grandfather’s name is T.E.KRISHNASWAMY and grandmother’s name is HEMAMBUJAM (Hemu).As mentioned earlier the owner of the major portion of lands in Alavoor (late) Shri. Ramudorai was step brother of our grandmother (Hemu).Thus since our father and our grandmother hailed from same village her (hemu’s) daughter (my mother) was given for marriage to a varan (my father) from Alavoor. In fact both our grandparents Hemambujam and Singaari were friends. A surprising event was Singaari was carrying our father (8month pregnancy) when she attended her friend’s (Hemu’s) marriage. She took Aarthi for her would be sammandhi; later after 8 years to have her 2nd issue ( daughter) Amirthavalli for her son Krishnaswami as wife. Our mother was married at the age of 14.They believe kanyakadaanam in the true sense those days to give daughter before attaining puberty. In 1947, people left Nizam state due to Razakar movement to their native places fearing violence. Even our father’s family went to Kanjeevaram. During that stay they finalized the alliance and fixed the marriage. Our mother did not see the Groom to be. She was called from her school during class and the elders saw her and fixed marriage. She was very good looking-not to mention in her teens, because we saw her with the same beauty till her 70s in spite of her long illness. She lost her charm only during her last 2 years of sickness. May be that is why she left deciding she should not live if she is not presentable to others; a person known for her strong will power and conscious about her attire. Madisaar was best suited for her. I think words are not enough when I start writing about my beloved MOTHER.