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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With great grief I share the news of the sudden demise of my beloved
father.He passed away on 7th February evening around 5PM.His end came
all of a sudden in a peculiar manner and we are yet to come out of the
He had darshan of our Pontiff SRIMUSHNAM SRIMAD ANDAVAN,
for the second time during the week.

All his 3 children with family were present in the Andvan Ashramam
since morning and we all took blessings of Andavan and had lunch there.
We all left to our respective homes. He went to have his afternoon nap
at 3pm and when my brother went to wake him up he was cold and lifeless.

We are all surprised till date thinking how can he die so easily in the
true sense attaining ACHARIAYAN THIRUVADI.
I never thought I will write this in my blog since i started posting.
In fact I started to share the signature recipes of my dad's family
And to tell about the hospitality that prevailed in their blood.
One should learn how to treat guest from them.
I have no words to explain how humble he was and led a simple life.
He had no aspirations and saw all his children well settled.He was 83 and 7months
on 7th Feb2010. He lived 3years and 8months after the demise of my
mother.He was a source of inspiration to us by being active and always
ready to offer service.
It was possible for him because he led a disciplined life.Though not
very AACHRAM-he used to follow to some extent.Had a very big liking for
discourses and a regular viewer of Velukudi's programmes and a true
devotee of Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal.
Here are some of the photographs of our father which were preserved as they
were taken many years back.
I have the details of their family and the vamsam he belonged to.I shall post the same
for the benifit of all my cousins in my next blog.


    He who is free from malice towards all beings,friendly n compassionate,rid of "I" n "mine", balanced in joy n sorrow,forgiving by nature, ever contended,who has subdued his mind,senses n body,has a firm close to ME..hence appa had a peaceful death...I am sure our parents will bless us n guide us in future..

  2. End of an Era, I would call it. The sense of loss is much greater than we can ever imagine. On Feb 7th, 2010 we lost our beloved grandfather but it is the world that has lost the most selfless person I have ever met. Always smiling and an enthusiast about everything, we will miss him very dearly. I cannot imagine going back to his home and not seeing his happy face ever waiting to see his grandchildren. Although I was not fortunate enough to pay my final respects in person, the least I can do, even in this grave sorrow, is to take away all the good things he has taught us throughout his life. I'm very proud and lucky to be known as "Krishnaswamy's pethi". Miss you Thatha.

  3. i was greatly shocked n felt deeply remorseful the second i gathered the news o his death,
    bt i personally feel,the gr8 soul couldnt have bid a better farewell,...
    it was more like i was destined to see him durin his last days,
    more than i felt unfortunate tat i was taken ill and made a visit to home,
    i felt elated to see thatha who was cheerful and enthusiastic as ever.

    id never seen him conscious o his age...wat amazed me the most was even at such age,he was inquisitive and wanted to know more abt everythin.,
    he used to share wid me collge updates 4m the columns o newspaper,
    and at get-togethers- i bet vry1 wud agree wid me on this-his age jus quadrapuled,

    a disciplined man he was,who bestowed to his pancha ratnas,all the values and virtues.
    a selfless dynamo,loving n compassionate spouse,caring dad,sweetest grandad,intelligent collegue-he had t all in him...
    all his intimates n acquintances have more than a reason to feel terrible at his loss.

    thatha,... i had never xpressed how lucky n proud i considered myself -2 b ur grand daughter.
    will miss you loads.............................

  4. Nice to meet you friend. My heartfelt condolence to your famly. May your dad rest in peace. I know the pain of sudden demise as I lost my dad too more or less in the same way. BTW, very nice blog you have. I will definitely try some of ur recipes. Try posting some pics, it makes the blog interesting.

  5. Thank you dear.It is a coincidence today being
    13th July and it happens to be my dad's birth date.
    Our family doctor and other doctor friends told
    us he had a very easy death and very few get this end.
    Thank you for your comment on my recipes.I shall
    try and post pics.I am busy trying recipes posted
    by our blogger friends almost daily.It makes cooking interesting.