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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Happy and ready to celebrate festival of lights DIWALI.Though there is not much of preparation in Kitchen for
Diwali,the Diwali MARUNDHU also called as diwali lehiyam
is a must to be had in the early
morning on the CHATURDASI day and that needs some prior preparation.
It is made only once in a year.We get ready-made powder in Chennai.
But it can be made at home with little effort.
I remember my mother making with ginger alone after taking the
pulp of ginger and cooking with jagree.
I noted down an authentic easy diwali lehyam which i will post.
Now that the Navrathiri festival is over it is nice to recall
the past two years experience when i was in U.S. during 2007
and in Dar-es-salaam during 2008. Both the years are momorable
as i was with my daughter during the earlier year and with my
sister the later year.
This year back home in Hyderabad i celebrated the festival
for nine days with full satisfaction by arranging Golu,
and performed Puja specially with the flowers available
and making prasadams each day as per thithi, star and day
for Godess Durga,laxmi and saraswathi.I made a ready reckoner
type chart for the facility of refering it in advance and
keep things ready for the next day.Every year we circulate this chart
among our relatives and friends who are interested in celeberating
in the same way.
I wish this chart will be of use to all other friends too if
this is in blog for coming Navrathiris.Some alterations take place
in the order of the day of celebration as each year the dates differ.
I only doubt if all the items will be available
in all the countries.The information is gathered from the
book DEVI BAGAWADAM.I also welcome any information which my
friends have to share to include in the navrathiri

I wish all my friends and relatives Happy Diwali in advance and to
celebrate with kids taking due safety measures while bursting crackers.
The Lehyam and navarathiri chart is given below.

I will also suggest my friends to make the oil warm which we use
on naraka chaturdasi day for bathing (GANGA SNANAM) by adding
ajwain/omam,rice,ginger piece and beetle leaf.Please also take
care while doing this in hot oil by not being close to the stove.

NAVRATHIRI PUJA AND PRASADAM CHART is in JPEG format which can be opened
with the help of power point. After downloading, right click to bring the image to readable

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