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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Navarathiri is celebrated in South India specially in Tamil Nadu with GOLU as the main feature.It is celebrated in different ways through out the country.In Andhra pradesh in Telengana Region BATAKAMMA is popular.Be it in any form,DEVI is worshiped on these nine days uniformly.Batakkamma is about arranging colourful flowers on a plate in a small gopuram type and the ladies assemble in one place and keep all the plates in the centre and go round singing special songs and perform like GUMMI.They start this on Mahalaya Ammavasya and do till Dasserra.Finally they drop this in a lake.DANDIYA is famous for Gujarathis.All these celebrations show embodiment of Feminity.The festive mood can be apparently felt looking at the ladies and girl children in their best attire and jewels on all nine days.Even the dieties in temples are worshiped with special pujais and the alankarams for Godess keep changing each day.Godess Saraswathi is known as Kalaivani.She is Godess of Art.To mark this the singing and dancing are undertaken during these ninedays.And on the NAVAMI day which is also known as Saraswathi puja day SUHASINIS are adorned.The practice of giving Tambolam has been in all auspicious occasions for Hindus where a Suhas or Sumangali is given importance.This shows the women pray for the wellbeing of their husbands.Receiving tambolam and giving tambolam is given priority on these days.Ayudha Pujai is also done on Ashtami Day which signifies Pandvas doing it on that day and the Dasami day marks the victory by them hence it is called vijaya dasami.Navarathiri calls for adoring and praying KANYAS.Durga pujai so to tell performed on all nine days signifies Kanya pujai.The girl child from the age of 2 years are given priority and given prasadam and useful gift each day.Starting from day one a 2 year old child ,on 2nd day 3year old and so on.The North Indians perform Kanya puja on Ashtami day by inviting 8 Kanyas and some on Navami day inviting 9 Kanyas.Mahalaya Amavasya is considered auspicious for us hence the Golu is arranged on that day with the Kalasam being kept first.Even for the Devi puja (ifdone in puja place seperately) kalasam is arranged.Afterlighting a lamp fruit can be offered.Navarathiri puja starts from next morning(8th October this year).Coming to the daily pujai,Panagam is offered to Goddess daily.The combination of all the prasadams offered as per kizamai, nakshtram and for dieties keep changing each year.Also when some sweet item is offered as per kizamai neiyedyam, payasam can be skiped.Eight and ninth day kizamai prasadams will be repeated.It is all upto one to decide and offer.Like wise preparing sundal daily has been the practice and same is distributed to the invitees.Sundal like one prepared with Mochai is not possible, so some other sundal can be prepared.This year since it starts on Friday and Mochai is the Danyam for sukran this can be prepared in small quantity and offered or can be used in our other preparation like koottu.Likewise for Rahu ulundhu and for ketu kollu can be offered in other forms becos sundal cannot be prepared in required quantity.

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