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Friday, September 23, 2011

NAVRATHRI - 2011 CHART FOR FIRST THREE DAYS (09/28/11 TO 09/30/11)

Kolam is a sign of invitation to welcome all into the home, a practice by Hindus in South India. It is also put in the Pujai room, a special place in a home or a place allotted in the kitchen where the deities are worshiped. 
The dolls arranged in Golu during Navrathri also marks the worship of Gods and Goddesses in different forms. It is practice to put Kolam in front of the steps arranged, and light lamps in the traditional Kuthuvillakku. Devi Navarathiri is all about worshiping the Goddess on all nine days in nine different ways. 
The first one is by putting Kolam daily using different material/item and design on each day. Even in the present days many follow this and I have seen  colour Kolam put every day  in a plate and kept in front of the golu padi.  I tried to take pictures of the kolams I put every year  in different ways as explained in the"Sakala Kaarya  Siddiyum Sri Devi Bagavadamum" book and am  posting below, along with the chart giving the details of puja methods, to the extent possible.

Pottu vaitha kolam using rice flour

Kolam for Day One

Kattam potta kolam using wheat flour
Kolam for Day Two

Flower depicted in kolam

Muthu/pearl  used to mark Day Three kolam

The chart for first three days (28.9.11 to 30.9.11) is given below as a spread sheet. Click the link below to view the chart with 10 columns.                                                            
I wish all the viewers Happy Navrathri celebrations and I  share the above with the hope that it be will of some help to those who are keen to perform the pujai. I like to  learn more ways to worship, and seek the blessings of Devi to accept all our prayers. The prasadams offered on first three days based on the kizhamai is posted here below. I followed Mrs. shanthi Krishnakumar's blog for Kadambha Sadam and Paal payasam. The lime rice recipe is also given in her Aadi 18- chitra annam post. I am giving her post's link for the same here below.

Kadambha Saadam on Wednesday

Ellumichai Saadam on Thursday

Paal payasam on Friday
Daily panagam is offered to Goddess, initially when morning puja is done. Later after preparing neivedhyam
 we can offer when mahaneivedhyam sloka is recited. Sundal can be offered in the evening when we light lamp again.

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