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Friday, November 9, 2012

Diwali 2012-Laxmi Puja

Vijaya Dasami Day Pujai to Goddess Lakshmi with Jemmi leaf also known as Vanni elai
After bidding goodbye to Goddess Lakshmi on Vijaya Dasami Day. We are once again waiting to welcome her into our home to accept our humble offerings on the Diwali day.
I am happy to greet one and all in advance for a memorable Diwali. The preparations will be going on in full swing in each house. Let us celebrate and pray God and Goddesses on this happy occasion. 
The Naraka Chaturdasi is on 13th November and the sacred bath which marks the begining of the Diwali celebrations in all the south Indian families is also on 13th November, early hours.
The Chaturdasi thithi is upto 6.57am (IST) then follows Amavasya. The Laxmi puja to be performed during Amavasya evening is also on 13th November. The timings/muhurthams are as follows:

PRADOSH KAAL:  The duration of 2hrs and 24mins is from the Sunset time on 13th November.
that is from 17.41  to 20.05. During this auspicious duration Laxmi puja, Kubera laxmi puja and Kuthuvillakku puja can be performed.

NISHITH KAAL: The 2hrs 24min duration after pradosh kaal , that is from 20.05 to 22.29 is auspicious to chant sthothras like Srisuktham and laxmi mantras and sthothrams.

MAHA NISHITH KAAL:  During this time a lamp with 4 wicks is lighted the whole night. It is the 
duration  from  22.54 TO 1.30. 

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