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Monday, March 4, 2013

Mangalorean idli/Kodalai/kedige/Kadubu

My recent trip to Mangalore made me prepare this idli recipe. Being a South Indian, Idli is popular in our homes. We make soft idlis regularly for breakfast, and occasionally prepare Kajeevaram idli. Kanjeevaram idli is normally used during travel as it can be consumed  upto to two days from the time it is made. This can be had as a  whole meal for dinner too. These are prepared in moulds. It is  also called as Kodalai idli which is prepared in plantain leaf mould in Dhonnai form. Presently it is difficult to get the leafy mould, so it is made in cups or as a one piece in a flat  greased vessel.
I came to know about the leafy moulds through my mangalorean friend. I was surprised to see the moulds being sold  by the roadside vegetable vendor near the temple in Udipi when I visited the temple last week. When I asked the vendor  about its use, I was told it is kadubu (idli). I bought the moulds and took it all the way to Secunderabad and tried the idli. I prepared the batter similar to that of kanjeevaram idli and steam cooked it.
The idli mould is made with thick leaf called Kedige in Kannada. The tamil name is Thazambu leaf and it is called  Screw Pine in English. There were moulds made of Jackfruit leaf too called as Kottige in Kannada.
The mould made of Kedige ele or Thazambu elai looks like this.

Here is the recipe for Kanjeevaram idli in Mangalorean mould. It tasted good with Molagai podi (Gun powder).


Idli rice1 ½ cup
Raw rice1 cup
Whole urad dal1 cup
Methi seeds/fenugreek1 tsp
Crushed pepper1 tsp
crushed cumin1 tsp
Fried cashew nuts2 tsp
Asafoetida¼ tsp
Green chilli3
Grated ginger2 tsp
Curry leavesfew
saltto taste
Dry ginger powder½ tsp
Sesame oil¼ cup
Melted ghee¼ cup
Curd½ cup

Soak idli rice and raw rice together for 3 hours.
Soak urad dal with methi seeds for 3 hours.
Grind urad dal to smooth batter.
Grind rice coarsely and mix urad dal batter with required salt.
Allow to ferment over night or 8 hours.
Add crushed pepper and cumin.
Add grated ginger, chopped green chilli, curry leaves, asafoetida powder,
fried cashew nuts and mix well.
Add melted ghee, sesame oil and curd and mix well.
Let the batter be kept for half an hour before steaming in the moulds.
Just before pouring the batter into the moulds add dry ginger powder and stir.
Grease the moulds and pour the batter till the 3/4 of the mould is filled.
Steam cook in idli maker or pressure cooker (without the weight) for 10 to 15 minutes.
When done remove from moulds and serve with idli molagai powder.
The leafy moulds I used gave a distinct flavor and the texture of the idli came out
without any moisture in it and at the same time soft.


  1. The idlis look really appetizing, can't wait to try the recipe out. But, can the leaf moulds be reused, if so for how many times? I live in Chennai and it can be difficult to get the moulds frequently.

    1. Thank you for going through the recipe.It is difficut to reuse the moulds. If you have the thin stick (eerrukku) you can try once again. I had to remove them to demould when idlis were cooked.