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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vengaya vadam/Onion fryums

This Rice flour and onion vatral is easy to make and tastes good. Can be used as snack as it  tastes like onion pakoda. My mother used to make "sadam vatral" with left over rice. She used to leave the cooked rice adding water overnight. Next morning after draining the water the rice will be ground adding chilli powder, salt, sesame seeds and chopped onion and dried in sun by making small balls. Grated Dosakaya/ melon cucumber can  also be added and made like flat vadam. Some people use the Aval/flat rice and do this.
We call it  "urundai vatral" because they are shaped round with fingers.
I took this recipe from my sister-in law.I am posting this vatral recipe after trying the same twice this season.
Once I tried using red chilli powder and next used green chilli paste. This simple quick vatral needs no preparation. One can make with store bought rice flour quickly.


Rice flour
1/2 kg
3 big size
Red chilli powder
2 tsp
to taste


Finely chop onion and keep.
Take rice flour in a bowl. ( 1/2 kg flour measured 3 glassful)
Add salt and red chilli powder.
Add water and dilute the flour to pouring consistency like that of dosa batter.
Measure water which was  used to dilute. ( I used 4 glassful of water)
In a big vessel or pressure coker outer heat  4 glassful water( the same measure used to dilute flour)
Bring to boil. 
Add the batter and keep stiring till it thickens like Kuzhu.
Put off flame and remove.
Now add chopped onion and mix well.
Allow to cool.
Take  a small quantity of the prepared mix in hand  at a time, and place a small lime size quantity on the sheet  using the tip of your fingers.
Repeat this till the rice mix is finished.
After it gets dried the whole day, turn and keep under sun for one more day for the other side of vatral to dry.
Deep fry in hot oil for crispy fryums.

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