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Monday, September 12, 2016


It feels good to look forward for the tamil month Purattaasi each year, for the nine day celebrations NAVRATHIRI, the most significant of all festivals which is performed to receive spiritual cleansing and protection from GODDESS DURGA. This year Navrathiri pujai/Golu starts from 1st October (saturday). 30th September is Mahalaya Amavasya. Kalasa sthapana or arranging golu can be done kion this day, during auspicious time (by avoiding Rahu kalam 10.30 to 12.00 and Yema gandam 3.00 to 4.30pm). The Navrathiri pujai begins on 1/10/16, being Prathami thithi. This year we have an extra day to celebrate as Chaturthi thithi is for two days (4th and 5th October) hence Maha Navami is on 10th day (10/10/16). Vijaya Dasami is on 11/10/16.

MAHADEVYAICHA VIDMAHE SARVASAKTHYAICHA THEEMAHI THANNO DEVI PRACHODAYATH Please click the below link to open and view the 10 day chart in a spread sheet. It gives in a tabular form the nine different ways to adore THE MOTHER in nine forms of SHAKTHI.

Worship in a simple way by offering a rice type prasadam each day,if one is not able to follow chart and perform elaborately (please refer my post of Sept'2013 giving details of rice items to be prepared on each day). I wish all my friends and relatives a Happy Navrathiri. May MAA DURGA illuminate your life with happiness and Fortune.

Durga Ashtami Kanya Pujai (9-10-2016)

Maha Navami- Saraswathi Pujai (10-10-2016)
Dasami-Mahalaxmi Pujai (11-10-2016)

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