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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Iyyengar Vatha Kuzhambu

Hi i am a new blogger...Hema...
I am from Hyderabad (now camp at Moscow). Iyengar vatha kuzhambu is
different--varuthu araithu saivadhu.
perungayam and little grated coconut---fry in little oil and powder.
Do the same as you do for vathakuzumbu-1st fry vathal(manatakkali/sundiakai/pavakai vathal)along wiht mustard n curryleaves, then add pulikaraital
salt when it boils add the powder
and boil. This will not be thick
kuzumbu or oil floats in layer on the top of the kuzumbu. It looks glazy
but tastes superb. Can add jaggery
for sweet toothers.Perungayam katti
varthu araithal tastes koodum.Panni
saapittu dhaan parungalen.

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