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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Murungai keerai/drumstick greens powder (Repost)

When it comes to podis, there is nothing to beat Kandipodi in Andhra cuisine which is called Parruppu podi in tamil. Also in the list are Karivepilai podi (Curry leaves podi), Thengai podi (Coconut podi), Pudina podi (Mint Leaves Podi) and Murungai keerai podi ( Drumstick Leaves podi).

In the South Indian hotels especially in Andhra, we find these podis along with pachadis (gongura and avakai) on the table ready for our service. And in all Andhra house hold, no meal is complete without having hot rice with ghee mixed in podi. The recipe is known as "annamlo podi" (literally meaning powder with rice). Since we grew up in Hyderabad, we are used to start with dry type rice with podi and fried curries as the first dish in our lunch. It is easy to make children eat when there is podi at home. This can be preserved for 3 weeks or more once it is prepared.
Here is the recipe using drumstick leaves which we rarely use to make poriyal. The podi is simple
to prepare and when mixed with rice, it tastes good and the green color is attractive. I used black sesame seeds here. The powder appears brown.

Murungai/drumstick keerai      2 TBLSP
Sesame seeds                      1/4 CUP
Urad dal                                  1/4 cup
Red chillies                            15 TO 20
Garlic (without peeling the skin) 10 CLOVES
Tamarind                         gooseberry size
Salt                                  to taste

Clean drumstick/murungai leaves and wipe with cloth.
Dry in shade on a kitchen towel. 
Dry roast the dried leaves till crisp.
Make powder and use 2 tablespoon of the powder for preparing the podi.
Dry roast urad dal, sesame seeds separately. 
In little hot oil fry red chillies.
When it is cool, powder together urad dal, sesame seeds and red chillies.
.Finally add powder of leaves, salt and tamarind ( i used dried tender leaves of tamarind/chintha chiguru) and garlic and grind to powder..
Have it with hot rice with ghee or sesame oil.

Roasted leaves

powdered leaves

Roasted ingredients

Drumstick podi


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