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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

NAVARATHIRI-2014 (USA /PST)/Kumari pujai/Navadurga pujai

I am happy to post the Navarathiri chart continuously for the sixth year. It gives me a great pleasure in sharing this with my relatives and friends, who follow the details given in my spread sheet.  This year the Navarathiri puja starts on  Wednesday,24th September. Amavasya is on 23rd and Kalasa stapanas and arranging Golu/dolls can be done on this day.Pradamai thithi is on 24th wednesday and 1st day puja for Devi starts on this day. The puja can be performed on consecutive 8 days till Navami,
Thursday 2nd october. Vijaya Dasami is on 3rd October.
I shared the details which I followed from the book DEVI BAGAVADAM, in my earlier posts. This year the chart is prepared based on the Almanac (date) and showing in tabular columns the nine ways to worship Goddess by offering Prasadam as per thithi, star, day, performing puja with nine types of flowers and aromatic leaves, and fruits. putting daily a different Kolam using a different material each day ( )and in the evening Sundal neivedhyam to be offered using the  pulse as per  Navagraha. Different eatables to be given to Kanya each day.
Kumari puja-worship of a young pre-puberty girl is given prominence during Navrathiri. As per Devi Bagavadam a girl child starting from the age of two  to ten  is worshiped each day. Alternatively on the last day of Navrathiri we invite nine young girls and honor them by washing their feet, offering them prasada and giving them a token.
During Navrathiri we maintain a sattvic lifestyle of vegetarian food. One usually fasts during these nine days, taking one meal at sunset of a particular type of food. The fast is ended on the eighth day,
Ashtami by worshiping nine young girls.As per tradition, puris, kesari and sundal are served to young girls. While doing so, each girl is assumed as one form of Goddess Durga. Accordingly by chanting the name of each form, the worship is done honoring the girl. Thus Navadurga  or Nine manifestations of Ma Durga worship is also fulfilled.
These are the Nine forms of Goddess Durga representing Her various attributes.

1) Shri Shailaputri - daughter of the Himalayas, yielding steadfastness.
2) Shri Brahmacharini – personifying purity, deep love and shraddha.
3) Shri Chandraghanta – who holds the power and Soma of the Moon.
4) Shri Kushmanda – unfolds bliss, happiness and well-being.
5) Shri Skandamata - Mother of Skanda, she personifies eternal fire.
6) Shri Katyayani – the power of transformation as the aspect of Ma Kali.
7) Shri Kalaratri – destroyer of darkness and ignorance.
8) Shri Mahagauri – bestower of purity and endless virtues.
9) Shri Siddhidatri – bestowal of all accomplishments, spiritual powers and knowledge.

I am giving below the link for the chart which is as per US time. This year there is a variation in the chart from that of Indian time ( IST). In India the Navrathiri puja starts on 25th September and ends on 2nd October. Vijaya Dasami is on 3rd. The Puja for Sapthami and Ashtami are to be performed on same day (ie) on sapthami thithi (1st October) and Navami on 2nd October. Hence I prepared two separate charts. In US,  the puja is to be performed on all 9 days starting from 24th September through 2nd October.
Wish you all a happy Navrathiri. Let us offer and pray with deep shraddha and reverence and am
sure Devi will confer Her devine grace.
The link prepared as per Indian Time is posted in the following post.

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