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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aubergine/ Eggplant pickled curry

One more Aubergine/Kathrikai recipe. This is our favourite dish since 20 years.It is a wonderful recipe by Madhur Jaffrey. It was when she was hosting a cookery show in BBC, making Indian recipes from basics, this recipe was  prepared. I use to wait and watch this weekly show. Eggplant cooked in pickling style was something new then. The slices of eggplant requires deep frying and when it is combined with the tomato pickle(sauce) it tastes yummy. It is referred to as pickle or Achaar as the ingredient is cooked with the same spices used in the pickle. One more ingredient Kalonji or nigella seeds is used to give onion flavour. I used onion instead. Though the original recipe calls for deep frying the eggplant slices, I baked them in preheated oven sprinkling drops of oil on the slices spread on a baking sheet.
Today when I browsed for this BBC show there was lot of information about this recipe and it was adapted by her, from Lake Palace Hotel in Udaipur I learnt.
I am posting this recipe which is our all time favorite and we call it BBC kathrikai curry.


Aubergine/eggplant350 gm
Tomato 3 med size
Onion2 med size
Ginger n garlic paste1 tsp
Cumin/jeera1 tsp
Fennel seeds1 tsp
Turmericpowder1/2 tsp
Red chili powder/cayenne pepper1 tsp
Coriander powder1 tsp
OilFor frying
SaltTo taste

Cut eggplant into long thin slices. Chop onion  and tomato into fine pieces.
Heat oil and fry in batches, the eggplant slices till they turn reddish brown. Remove and place on paper towel.
Or the slices can be spread in baking sheet and baked for about 35 to 40 min in a preheated oven.
Heat oil in a pan, add cumin, fennel seeds and fry. If kalonji is used add and fry till cumin, fennel darken.
Add ginger garlic paste mixed with two tablespoon of water ( she makes fresh paste with chopped ginger and garlic using water in a blender).
Add onion pieces and fry ( I did not use kalonji). Then add chopped tomato and saute.( I blanched, peeled and pureed tomatoes using spatula)
Add turmeric powder, coriander powder, chili powder and salt and mix well.
Cook till tomato turns mushy and adjust consistency by adding water and cook till a thick gravy is formed.
Add the fried (or baked)eggplant slices in this sauce and gently mix. Cook for couple of minutes and remove.
Serve as side dish with rotis or hot rice.  

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