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Friday, August 5, 2011

Malli Biryani/ Coriander Biryani

Cooking  vegetable biryani has been long cherished wish and I keep browsing for an authentic one and bookmark, but I have not tried it even once.Though I know the taste of it after having in restaurants, never had a chance to prepare until I saw this Tv programme recently aired.It was my favorite anchor and since I have tried many of her recipes I started confidently after taking note of the the recipe. It was Mrs. Revathi Shanmugam's recipe. There was no vegetable used but a simple one.I decided to try and taste it.The method was the same for making a biryani but coriander leaves was used more than the normal quantity. It gave color and flavor to the rice.The name she  rightly gave was Malli Biryani. After tasting my yellow rice my children  named this Green Rice.  I keep preparing pudina/mint rice which of course will also be green in color.
The rice is not separately cooked for this as it can be prepared directly in a cooker outer and the procedure was explained in detail.I followed my usual Dum procedure using a non stick pan and the biryani came out perfect.
Since it is biryani it requires a paste to be made and when cooked in coconut milk it gives an unique taste. A side dish was also prepared and showed in the programme which I am yet to try. We had this with    onion,cucumber and tomato raita. Here is the recipe for the Kothamalli Biryani.


Basmathi rice2 cups
Ghee/clarified butter1 tblsp
Coconut milk1 cup
Water2 cups
Lime juice2 tblsp
Salt To taste

To Make Paste

coriander leaves2 bunch
Green chilli6 no
Ginger1” piece
Garlic8 cloves
Cinnamon2 pieces
Cardamom3 no
Cloves6 no
Coriander powder2 tsp
Turmeric powder1/2 tsp
Pearl onion15 no
Cumin1 tsp
OilAs required


Clean and soak biryani rice after draining the water for half an hour.
In a mixie/blender jar take the items given under "to make paste" except coriander leaves, and grind.
Add coriander leaves in small quantity along with little water and grind in batches till coriander leaves are completed and  you get a smooth paste. Set aside the paste.
Measure water and coconut milk and keep ready. The ratio of rice to liquid is 1: 1 1/2. In that coconut will be 1/2 and water 1 measure. So for 2 cups rice 1 cup coconut milk and 2 cups water is required.
Take juice of lime and keep.
Heat oil and ghee/clarified butter in a sauce pan or cooker outer .
Add the paste and saute well.
Add the water and coconut milk.
Add salt and lime juice.
Adjust salt after checking at this stage.
When the water comes to boil add soaked rice.
If you are using the pan, cover with the aluminium foil and place the lid and reduce heat to low and cook for 20 minutes and remove from stove. Give a gently mix after 5 minutes to mix the rice evenly,using a fork.
If you are cooking directly in a cooker,wait till the water absorbs  and rice  grains are seen with little water,and then close with the cooker lid and cook on very low flame/heat for 15 minutes without putting the weight.
Or place the weight and wait for 1 whistle and reduce heat and put off the stove after 5 to 7 minutes time.
Tasty, flavourful biryani is ready to serve. This goes well with spicy brinjal side dish which has prominent tamarind taste in it. Hence red chilli powder and tomatoes are not used while making the rice.


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