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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chinese fried rice

This recipe has a history of over 25 years. I learnt this from a friend, in Dubai, during 1986, when there was no scope to browse internet, though ,I had exposure to computer operation.I copied down as she dictated to me.She saw her Goan friend cooking this.She gave me the list of vegetables to be used, and told they need to be diced into very tiny pieces.Asked me to make vegetable stock with the peel of the  cleaned vegetables which I am going to use for the recipe.Also told me to add a cup of boiled and cooled noodles and a cup of scrambled egg.She told me to keep all the diced vegetables separate in one big plate, along with salt, pepper powder, ajinomoto and the sauces ready.
The rice to be used should not be basmathi or any long grain but thin short variety works good she said.When cooked the  rice grains should look separate and  needs to be cooked well before and spread in a bowl to cool.Till date I religiously follow my friend's advise and I have not followed any other version.With the passing of so many years and with the new gadgets making life easier,I made this dish in the morning to pack for lunch box.Thanks to the vegetable chopper which made half of my work easy and also the ready made vegetable stock/broth available.I wish to reproduce the same here. I am sure, when you try this recipe you will agree with me as it tastes the best.
I dedicate this recipe post to my friend Nalini (Dubai).Here is the colorful Chinese Fried Rice recipe.

Rice cooked in vegetable stock
Fried vegetables with sauces
Diced vegetables

Mixed  rice with vegetables
Closer look of chinese fried rice


Beans1 cup
Carrot1 cup
Capsicum/Green bell pepper1 cup
Cabbage1 cup
Green peas1 cup
Spring onion/Green onion1 cup
Garlic6 big cloves
Pepper powder1-2 tsp
MSG Ajinomoto1 tsp
Soy sauce3 tsp
Red chilli sauce2 tsp
Vegetable stock2 cup
Rice2 cup
SaltTo taste
Vinegar(optional)1 tsp

Cook rice using 2 cups of water and 2 cups of vegetable stock/broth.I cooked in the large pan on a very low flame for 20min covered with the lid. 
When cooked the rice will measure 6 cups.
Keep the finely diced vegetables ready in a plate, along with finely minced garlic.
Now the cooking process will be done in 2 or 3 portions as per convenience.
Accordingly the vegetables and rice should be divided.By keeping the vegetables in a plate this process will be easy.I made it into 3 portions.
Heat oil in a wide pan. Add 1/3 of garlic, 1/3 of  white of spring onion and  fry.
Add 1/3 of ajinomoto and fry on high flame.
Reduce flame and start adding vegetables.
Add 1/3 of each vegetable in the order mentioned and stir fry.
Add a teaspoon of soy sauce,redchilli sauce,salt, and a portion of pepper powder and fry.
The vegetables need not be cooked but they should remain crisp so proceed adding 1/3 portion of cooked rice immediately.
Mix well so that the vegetables blend well.Adjust salt and pepper.Add cooked noodles and scrambled egg if you desire, at this stage.
I sprinkled few drops of  vinegar in the end  and mixed finally.
Garnish with green portion of spring onion and remove.
The process should be repeated for the balance rice and vegetables.
Serve hot.


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