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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moong Sprouts/Whole Green Gram Sprouts/Mulai Payaru

I am a big fan of Manthena Sathyanarayana and regularly watch his programmes in telugu on Tv channels.His first best recommendation for all, is to include sprouts in our meal.As we all know sprouts are rich in vitamins and minerals.It is advised to have them daily in the morning.For those who have Gas problem they can have this by sauteing in a pan for few seconds or after keeping in Micro wave for few seconds.I understand the best results are had when taken raw, and it is better to avoid  cooking or frying the same. Among the pulses it is easy to make moong sprouts at home.A cup of dry whole moong will give enough quantity when sprouted and the same can be used for many days.A handful of sprouted moong can be had raw, or mixed in salad,or even as a snack along with finely chopped onions and seasoning.For those who are on a diet plan and keen to reduce weight can follow this as a variation from the routine diet,when you are bored taking it raw daily.I am giving below how I made the sprouts at home.This can be stored in fridge  and can be used in small quantity for a single serving for a person.

A cup of dry whole moong/green gram
Put in a big vessel
Add a litre of water and soak for 12 hours
Drain water and cover the vessel with a colander
Place the covered vessel inside the oven
sprouts seen the next morning 
Longer sprouts on seeds beneath
Longer sprouts in another 12 hours
1. Take a  big vessel (which has a capacity of 2 litres), soak one cup moong/whole green gram in one litre of  water for nearly 12 hours. If you soak in the morning wait till evening.
2. Drain the water from the vessel.Place the same vessel with soaked moong in a oven (conventional or microwave)DO NOT switch on the oven.
3. Cover the vessel with a sieve/colander(if you have a steel one)and leave overnight.
4.Next morning you can see small sprouts on the pulses which are on the top,the sprouts will be longer on the seeds which are at the bottom.Just mix once and further leave it till evening.
You will find longer sprouts.
The main criteria for the pulse to sprout is the darkness,a bit of moisture, and air.By placing inside the oven you get the darkness and also little warmth.Since the vessel is covered with a seive air passes as there is enough room within the oven.Since  there is dampness in the soaked seeds it helps quick sprout.Plan ahead as the oven cannot be used till it is occupied by the vessel kept for sprout.Do not disturb once it is kept till you see sprouts next morning and further till you see longer sprouts.
Now for the recipe take a handful of sprouts, 1/2 onion finely chopped, very little salt.If using micro wave mix them together and micro wave for 30 seconds.It can also be done on stove top by heating a pan and adding the sprouts with onion and just sauteing for few seconds and seasoning with very little salt This can be had before the morning breakfast.This can also be had as a snack or chat by sprinkling chat masala.

Healthy sprout snack

Black chick peas can also be sprouted the same way.

Try the above at home and  derive the health benefits from eating fresh sprouts. There are gadgets sold for making this and also sprouts are available like vegetables,yet the satisfaction , when you see the sprouts inside your kitchen is immeasureable,  like the happiness you get seeing a plant budding in your garden.

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