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Monday, July 11, 2011

Simple Sprouts Salad

When  fresh bean sprouts are at home, this salad can be prepared in no time.

Moong/green gram sprouts1 cup
Cucumber( Salad variety) 1 no
Spring/green onion3 no
Capsicum (small)1 no
Lettuce2 leaves
Grape tomato8 to 10 No
Pepper powder1/2tsp
Olive oil1 tsp
Lime juice1 tsp
SaltTo taste
Wash the vegetables.Peel and cut cucumber, dice capsicum, cut spring onion,halve the tomatoes and shred a lettuce leaf.In a plate place the lettuce leaf as a whole,spread the sprouts and sprinkle lime juice, then add cucumber pieces and sprinkle few drops of lime/lemon juice,then repeat the same with other vegetables. Finally sprinkle olive oil, and pepper powder and keep it in the fridge.Remove just before serving and add salt.Mix the vegetables gently. Dry or fresh herbs like rosemary,parsley,or mint can be garnished.This can be had as a single serving per person.Best way to have sprouts along with other vegetables.

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