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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kurma without potato,green peas or carrot

I made a dish without following any set rule.The reason was there were many types of fresh vegetables left, but the quantity of each was very less.I could not make the required quantity using a single vegetable.Decided to make a gravy dish with ground masala. Started cutting the vegetables one by one.Heated water in a vessel and started adding the vegetables as i cut.Added the hard one to cook first like beans, then few florets of cauliflower,bottle gourd,bangalore brinjal,zuchini,broccoli,cabbage.All these came to around 4 cups.When they were 3/4 cooked added salt and haldi and set it aside.I proceeded by sauteing the masala and made paste and finally combined with vegetable and it turned out to be a nice kurma.As I had no potato or green peas or carrot at home ,I made with the vegetables that were available and the combination worked good.Thought of sharing this which will be of help to those who might face the same situation.Here goes the "Kurma without potato,peas or carrot".


Mixed vegetables4 cups
Ginger1” piece
Garlic 3 cloves
Green chillies2 No
Mint leaves3 to4
Coriander leaveslittle
Grated coconut or grated dry coconut 3 tbls
Khus Khus/poppy seeds2 tbls
Red chilli powder1tsp
Saltto taste
Sajeera/caraway seeds1 tsp
Cut vegetables to large pieces.
Boil the vegetables excpet onion and tomato  in just enough water till they are 3/4 done.
Add salt and haldi while cooking and set aside.
In a pan heat oil and add cloves and cinnamon first. Fry and then add cut onion, tomato pieces, green chillies,ginger, garlic,mint leaves, coriander leaves and saute till they are done.Remove and allow it to cool
Heat a pan till it is very hot and add Khus Khus and dry roast till they pop.Put off flame and add water to soak. 
Grind the sauteed vegetables along with khus khus and coconut into a smooth paste.
Heat oil in a big pan,add saajeera and when they splutter add the ground paste, chilli powder and saute for sometime.
Add the cooked vegetable, salt and water( if required) and bring to boil till the masala blends well.

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