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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Naan/ Indian flat bread

Naan or Indian flat bread is popular in restaurants and is served with a spicy side dish.It tastes good when served hot and with a  small dollop of butter melting over it. Unlike paratha or roti, it does not  require oil while cooking other than few spoons applied on the dough.The dough thus prepared requires to stay for minimum 5 hours to get soft texture when naan is made.I tried couple of times using yeast and instant yeast too. But after I viewed the cookery show in an Urdu channel, and tried it last weekend ,I feel it is not hard to make tasty soft Naan at home. Here is the recipe.
Courtesy: Aks-e-Rasoi


All purpose flour/Maida1 ½ cups
Soda-bi-carbonate3/4  tsp
Salt1/2 tsp
Sugar1/2 tsp
Milk1/4 cup
Curd2 tblsp
Warm water1/4 cup (approx)
Ghee or oil1 tblsp
Butter2 tsp
Kalonji seeds1 tsp
In a bowl take maida/flour, salt, sugar,  cooking soda and mix well.
Make like a well in the center and pour milk, curd, and warm water ( use little water intially and add if necessary).
Mix well and make dough.
Take a bowl  and smear a teaspoon of oil all over.
Apply oil to the dough and keep the prepared dough  in the bowl.
Cover  tightly with a thin plastic wrap and leave in a warm place for minimum 5 hours.
Later take out the dough add dry flour/maida and mix well again.
Take a portion of the dough and roll to make a  medium thick Naan.
If the dough is sticky apply oil to  your palm and also to the rolling pin and board.
Do not use flour while rolling the Naan.
Pull the naan to one side to get an oblong shape.
Sprinkle kalonji (karun jeeragam) if using at this stage and press gently.
Keep water in a shallow plate. Hold the prepared naan with both the hands and just dip the back side of the naan in water just holding above the plate.
Put the naan on the hot pan/tavva. ( the pan should be very hot) I used non stick pan.
When the bubbles are seen lift the pan and show the pan on flame/hot plate holding it in a  slant position.
The naan can be removed easily to a plate.
Serve hot with butter applied on it.

Kalonji also called Nigella sativa is as a rule topped on Peshawari Naans.It is optional to use the same.

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