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Monday, July 25, 2011

Naan Pizza / Indian Flat Bread Pizza

Cooking a special dish on a weekend ,that too trying a new recipe gives pleasure. Making Naan at home was inspired again by a TV show in URDU.But the idea of making it as a Naan pizza was originated instantly by my daughter.Once again we had the fun of cooking together and enjoyed the weekend serving the dish, which came out successfully,and got appreciation from all the family members. As the Naan was first prepared, we made the pizza on the Tavva/frying-pan on the stove top instead of the Oven.So the topping was also  cooked separately.We made two different toppings.One was the usual topping and the other an Asian topping.


Capsicum/Bell papper1 no
Onion1 no
Mushroom100 gm
Paneer100 gm
Pickled jalapenosfew
Marinara sauce6 tblsp
Mozzarella cheese6 tblsp
Garlic6 cloves
Pepper powder2 tsp
Salt`To taste
Naan6 pieces

Asian Topping

Onion1 no
Tofu100 gm
Tandoori Masala2 tsp
Garlic6 cloves
Shredded cabbage1/2 cup
Broccoli stemfew stripes
Tomato Sauce4 tsp
Mozzarella cheese6 tblsp
Naan6 pieces
Salt and pepperTo taste

Cut Capsicum/Bell peppers into thin strips, slice onion,slice mushroom and make cubes of paneer and finely chop garlic and set aside.
Heat oil in a pan add the vegetables and stir fry on high flame.
Add salt and pepper powder mix well and remove.
Heat a non stick pan.
Take a Naan (prepared fresh but not very hot), spread marinara or tomato sauce, then spread  the vegetables,place a few pickled jalapenos above the vegetables, then spread the grated mozzarella cheese.
Place it on the hot pan and cover with a lid.
When the cheese melts remove it and serve.
Same way  pizza with the second topping can also be made.
Stir fry the vegetables given under Asian topping in a pan, add tandoori masala powder and mix well.
Add salt and pepper powder and remove when the vegetables are still crisp.
Repeat the procedure in spreading the topping and make pizza.
Fresh home made,small size Naan with two different toppings are ready to serve.
All we need is to plan ahead to give time for the Naan dough to be ready. The recipe for Naan follows.

Take care not to burn the naan, as it is already cooked and since the vegetables are also cooked, the naan with toppings should be heated on medium flame just for the cheese to melt.When covered with lid the medium heat is enough for the cheese to melt.


  1. Lovely recipe Hema...looks v delicious ....Thanks so much for visiting my space and trying my Veg sagu recipe....I am very glad to know that u liked the recipe ..Thanks so much for the feedback much appreciated!.....Regarding the comment about featuring the recipe in your blog you can do it provided u link it to my blog...Thanks once again:)

  2. Thank you for taking time to view my space.Looking forward for many more recipes from you.It is nice to try dishes without ginger and garlic, like the saagu, and in no way they are any less in taste.I will link your blog surely when I post. Thank you.